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Terms & Conditions

Article 1 Introduction

    1. These conditions apply to all travel agreements that Manasik Reizen concludes with its customers.
    2. These travel conditions also apply to other services such as accommodations, airline tickets, etc.

Article 2 Agreement

  1. Manasik Reizen will announce when the travel sum must be paid (in full) before concluding the travel agreement. Manasik Reizen may require a deposit. This will be notified before you agree to the travel agreement.
  2. Manasik Reizen is not responsible for damage if the traveler has not taken out travel and/or cancellation insurance. The traveler is always responsible for taking out travel and/or cancellation insurance.
  3. Manasik Reizen is not responsible for general information in photos, flyers, advertisements, websites, and social media channels if these have not been provided or prepared by Manasik Reizen itself.
  4. If the offered trip is included in Manasik Reizen’s (internet) publications, the information stated herein will form part of the travel agreement.
  5. The executing airline will notify the traveler as soon as it is known to Manasik Reizen. Final departure and arrival times will be communicated to the traveler in good time. Manasik Reizen is at all times not responsible for changes in departure and arrival times if these have been changed by the airline.

Article 3 Provision of information

  1. The traveler provides all information about the registered travelers in a timely manner that may be important for the conclusion or implementation of the agreement.
  2. The traveler is obliged to provide details that may be important for the proper execution of the trip by Manasik about his own physical and mental condition as well as about the quality or composition of the group of travelers registered by him.
  3. If the traveler provides no or incorrect information, this may result in this traveler(s) being excluded from (further) participation in the trip by or on behalf of Manasik Reizen. In that case, all costs involved will be charged to the traveler.
  4. The traveler can request Manasik Reizen to change or cancel the travel offer for medical reasons as well as for other reasons. Manasik Reizen is not obliged to comply with such a request. If Manasik Reizen grants the request, the traveler is obliged to reimburse the costs associated with this change.

Article 4 Confirmation/Revocation

  1. The agreement is concluded by the traveler’s acceptance of the offer of Manasik Reizen. After the agreement has been concluded, the traveler will receive a confirmation and/or an invoice as soon as possible.
  2. Manasik Reizen can cancel the travel agreement in writing within the term stated in the offer if the number of registrations is smaller than the required minimum number of participants made known prior to the booking.
  3. Manasik Reizen’s offer is without obligation and can be revoked if necessary, even after the traveler has accepted the offer and possible confirmation by Manasik Reizen. Revocation due to correction of errors in the calculation of the travel sum or other errors is permitted. The revocation must take place as soon as possible, but in any case within 48 hours after the day of acceptance, stating the reasons. In that case, the traveler is entitled to an immediate refund of any monies paid.
  4. Mistakes do not bind Manasik Reizen. Such errors and mistakes are or should be apparent as such at first glance.

Article 5 Changes by Manasik Travel

  1. Manasik Reizen can only change the travel agreement due to serious circumstances that he informs the traveler. The traveler can only reject the change if it causes him a disadvantage of more than minor significance.
  2. Manasik Reizen can also change the travel agreement due to serious circumstances. The traveler can reject this change (see paragraph 6).
  3. Manasik Reizen can increase the travel sum up to thirty days before the start of the trip in connection with changes in the transport costs (including fuel costs) or the taxes and levies owed. When applying this provision, Manasik Reizen will indicate how the increase has been calculated. The traveler can reject the increase (see paragraph 6).
  4. From the date on which the full travel sum must be paid in accordance with the conditions of Manasik Reizen and has actually been paid, Manasik Reizen will not increase the travel sum any longer, contrary to the provisions of paragraph 3.
  5. In the event of a change in the agreement on an essential point, Manasik Reizen will immediately make an alternative offer to the traveler if possible. The alternative offer must be equivalent. The equivalence of alternative accommodation must be assessed according to objective standards.
  6. After a rejection as referred to in paragraphs 2 and 3, Manasik Reizen can cancel the travel agreement. The traveler is entitled to a refund or remission of the travel sum or a proportional part thereof if the trip has already started. The traveler has the same right if he has rightly rejected a change that causes him a disadvantage of more than minor significance.
  7. A. If the cause of the change can be attributed to Manasik Reizen, the resulting damage to the traveler will be borne by Manasik Reizen.
    B. If the cause of the change can be attributed to the traveler, the resulting damage will be borne by the traveler
    C. If the cause of the change cannot be attributed to either the traveler or Manasik Reizen, the parties each bear their own damage.
  8. Manasik Reizen is obliged to inform the traveler about a change in the departure time. When it comes to the return journey of travelers who have booked for transport only and/or whose residence address is unknown, Manasik Reizen will make reasonable efforts to inform them about this change.

Article 6 Documents

  1. No later than the conclusion of the agreement, Manasik Reizen will provide the traveler with general information regarding passports, visas, and any formalities in the field of health.
  2. The traveler is responsible for obtaining the necessary additional information from the relevant authorities with regard to passports and visa obligations. Manasik Reizen can provide the traveler with advice where necessary.
  3. Before the start of and during the trip, the traveler is responsible for carrying the necessary documents, such as a valid passport, or, where necessary, an identity card and any required visas, proofs of
    vaccinations and vaccinations etc.
  4. If the traveler cannot (entirely) make the trip due to the lack of any (valid) document, the damage is for his own account, unless Manasik Reizen has promised to take care of that document,  the lack thereof can be attributed to him.

Article 7 Liability

  1. Manasik Reizen will observe the care of a good contractor in its work. However, Manasik Reizen accepts no liability for the actions and/or omissions of the third parties involved in the execution of the travel agreement, nor for the correctness of the information provided by these third parties.
  2. A shortcoming in the fulfillment of an obligation that can be attributed to him, Manasik Reizen also obliges Manasik Reizen to pay compensation for other losses than financial loss, insofar as that
    shortcoming loss of travel enjoyment has been caused. This compensation amounts to a maximum of once the travel sum.
  3. If a treaty or a Regulation of the EU applies to a service, included in the travel agreement, Manasik Reizen can invoke an exclusion or limitation of liability that that treaty or Regulation grants or allows to a service provider as such.
  4. Manasik Reizen is also not liable if and insofar as the traveler has been able to recover his damage under an insurance policy taken out by him, such as travel and/or cancellation insurance.

Article 8 Rights of the traveler

  1. The traveler can request Manasik Reizen to be replaced by someone else. The following conditions apply to this: the other party complies with all conditions attached to the agreement;
    • the request is submitted no later than 30 calendar days before departure, or so in time that the necessary actions and formalities can still be performed, and the conditions of the service providers involved in the implementation do not oppose.
    • The resulting costs are at the expense of the traveler himself.
    If the request cannot be granted, Manasik Reizen will inform the traveler of these reasons.
  2. The applicant, the traveler, and the person who replaces him/her are jointly and severally liable towards Manasik Reizen for the payment of the part of the travel sum still owed, the change costs, and any additional costs as a result of the replacement.
  3. Manasik Reizen indicates when and how he will make the travel documents available to the traveler.
  4. If the traveler has not received travel documents at the time communicated by Manasik Reizen, but no later than 7 working days before departure, he will report this to Manasik Reizen without delay.

Article 9 Obligations of the traveler

  1. The traveler is obliged to comply with all instructions given by or on behalf of Manasik Reizen and is liable for damage caused by his behavior. To assess this according to the standard of the behavior of a correct traveler.
  2. A traveler who causes or can cause such nuisance or nuisance that proper execution of the trip is or can be made more difficult as a result can be excluded from (continuation of) the trip by Manasik Reizen if Manasik Reizen does not reasonably may be required to comply with the agreement. The resulting costs will be borne by the traveler.
  3. The traveler is obliged to avoid any damage and to limit it as much as possible.
  4. Every traveler must ascertain the exact time of departure no later than 24 hours before the indicated time of departure for the return journey.

Article 10 Cancellation by the traveler

  1. The traveler can cancel the travel agreement. However, he is obliged to compensate Manasik Reizen for the damage suffered as a result of the cancellation. This amounts to a maximum of once the travel sum.
  2. Manasik Reizen can fix this damage at fixed percentages of the travel sum depending on the time of cancellation. Consumer conditions 3 Manasik Reizen (cancellation costs).
    The traveler compensates Manasik Reizen for the damage that she suffers as a result of the cancellation, as follows:
    – Up to 30 days before departure: 20% of the total travel sum.
    – Between 29 and 15 days before departure: 50% of the total travel sum.
    – From 15 days before departure to the departure date: 100% of the total travel sum.
  3. The traveler who cancels the travel agreement must pay cancellation costs unless he can demonstrate that the damage suffered by Manasik Reizen has been lower. In that case, Manasik Reizen will charge this lower damage. Damage is understood to mean loss suffered and loss of profit.

Article 11 Payment

  1. A traveler who has not fulfilled his financial obligations in time is legally in default.
  2. If (timely) payment is not made, the traveler will receive a reminder and will be given a period of 7 days to still meet his payment obligations. If payment is still not forthcoming, the agreement will be deemed to have been canceled as of this date. The monies already paid will be deducted from the cancellation fees.

Article 12 Collection costs

  1. In the event of late payment, the invoice will be transferred to a collection agency after several reminders. The traveler is responsible for the reimbursement of the extrajudicial costs.
    Manasik Reizen can always deviate from the above in favor of the traveler.

Article 13 Complaints

  1. Complaints about the implementation of the agreement must be reported on-site as soon as possible so that a solution can be found. For this, the traveler must report – in this order – to:
    • the service provider involved (eg airline, hotel, etc.);
    • the tour guide if present or accessible; or a contact person from Manasik Reizen.
  2. If the shortcoming is not remedied and affects the quality of the trip, it must in any case be reported to Manasik Reizen without delay, i.e. without any attributable delay.
  3. If a shortcoming is not resolved locally, Manasik Reizen will ensure that the complaint is noted.
  4. Manasik Reizen provides information about the procedure to be followed on-site, the contact details, and the accessibility of those involved. If the traveler has not complied with the notification obligation and the registration of the complaint in the manner indicated by Manasik Reizen and the service provider or Manasik Reizen has not been given the opportunity to remedy the shortcoming, his possible right to compensation (partially ) will expire.
    6. If a complaint is not resolved satisfactorily, it must be resolved as soon as possible, but at the latest within two weeks after the end of the trip (or the service received) or after the original departure date, if the trip has not taken place.
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